SEE These 5 Awkward Moments Nigerian Third Class Graduates Would Most Likely Experience

So you did your best – you went, saw and conquered but could only manage to graduate with a 3rd class. Illness, indolence, inability or fate might have played a trick on you. Your parents were mad as hell, when you finally summoned the courage to tell them the grade you came out with but there was no need reminding them that it isn’t the end of the world. Especially with the common knowledge that most big firms in Nigeria don’t recruit graduates with less than a 2.1. Many graduates with 2.2 or lower are not even given the chance to prove themselves, even though some of them may be better than some graduates with higher grades. With a whole lot of Nigerians daily facing this predicament, INFORMATION NIGERIA has thought it right to put together 5 things those people who graduated with a 3rd class face more often than not…

People see you as dull: The first impression you make to anyone who hears of your grade is that you’re not smart. Financial pressures, playfulness, sickness, victimization, missing exam sheets, family issues, disillusion or influence of bad friends could have aided the outcome of your grade but no one has time to consider those factors.

People perceive you as a failure: Although grades have no way of deciding how well a person would succeed in life and career, but with a 3rd class degree many already perceive you as a failure.

Proving yourself over again: Simply because you graduated with a 3rd class, it becomes your life duty to prove yourself to anyone and everyone. It somewhat looks like you would everyday have to explain yourself especially to an employer who has taken the risk to employ you against all odds.

Your certificate feels like crap: On your own, you do everything to avoid a situation where you have to rely on your certificate to save your life. Therefore, you quickly learn a trade, acquire a skill or get a post graduate. Something to cover you up.

Inability to get a job: It feels almost impossible to get a job as many Nigerian companies almost never advertise vacancies that require 3rd class. This for a start kills your confidence to apply. Even when you convince yourself, the chances you’d be picked are very slim.

Do you have an experience of your own???



  1. That true. I didn’t make a third class but I see what family and friends in such situations face. It can be tough but with faith n determination, one will succeed. Also, life will give most a second chance and other opportunities. Make the best use of them this time!

  2. This is some of the biggest shit I have seen some time. My God I mean really can you even imagine. Third class don’t mean jack shit. Me I have third class now I am President.


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