SO SAD! Girl Beheaded In Minna After Visiting Boyfriend She Met On Facebook | Photos

A beautiful young lady was allegedly beheaded in Minna, Niger State recently after she went there to meet a guy she had been chatting with on Facebook.


According to Amanda Chisom who shared the story, the victim went to Minna to meet with the parents of the said man so they can know more about her and otherwise. But instead of going to the man’s parents’ home, the Facebook boyfriend convinced her to put up in a hotel as his parents who are from a royal family are not happy that he wants to settle down with a girl that is not his tribe.


Read the story as shared below: “…She was a classmate to my girlfriend..Met this guy on FB and they be been communicating for like 6months now… all of a sudden the guy started talking about Marriage and stuffs then sometimes in Feb, the guy invited her to his hometown in Minna for her to meet his Royal family as his soon be wife …she packed her bag told her sister about the journey and left on getting to Minna the guy came and picked her up from the pack and told her that there is a problem..and the problem is that the parents are quarrelling over him bringing a girl that is not tribe for marriage introduction, he persuaded the girl to put up in a hotel with him for now until he settled things with his parents.  So the girl called her sister to tell her the change of plans with the guy and that was the last time the sister heard from her.

Then after 3days the sister received a call from her sister’s phone and the caller being a make asked her to come to a named Hotel in Minna to carry her sister’s body…she was confused and scared and had to inform her family of the strange call after several days calling and cellphone switched off they hard to summon courage and travel to Minna at the said Hotel.

Lo and Behold the girl was lying lifeless without a head..Meaning the guy she visited was a ritualist…after all her body was moved down to Ekpoma her hometown where she was buried…the culprit still at large… Since yesterday my Gf told me this story it was very scary that I had to narrate to every girl close to me that I see to beware…so I thought of Inboxing you the gist earlier to please help disseminate Info….” So sad!

Source: Naij


  1. Lies!!! Diz story did not add up at all, d name of d hostel was nt mentioned I wuld ve love to verify diz story bcos I stay in Minna.

    • I quite agree with you. I can’t imagine this happening, and the parents did not report the matter to the police, and the hotel management was not picked up by the police and drilled. And moreover who called the girl. Was it the boy that called the girl or the hotel management? And after 3 days they went to the hotel and lo and behold the headless body of the girl was still lying in the hotel and not in a morgue? Haba?

  2. Ah ah…Minna is my Base. I’ve not heard of such. How manage na?. Pls, when next you’re narrating a story, be sure of what town to use. You can use deserted places like Borno…we could accept. Not Mx pls. What royal family have we got here that I don’t know abt aside our Emir’s?.

    D writer of this story is surely telling a Lie. Pardon me pls


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