Lion Escapes Park, Mauls Man In Nairobi


A month after a pride of lions escaped their wildlife park and roamed the streets of nearby Nairobi, another lion has escaped the park and mauled a man. The escaped lion mauled a 63-year-old man after repeatedly being taunted by people honking their car horns along one of the main streets of the city. Others stopped to take a selfie, said Paul Udoto, Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman.

The man, who was not identified, is being treated in a local hospital. Udoto said the lion was captured and returned to Nairobi National Park over the weekend. Rangers continue to search Nairobi to ensure no other lions are on the loose. The rash of lion escapes from the park is tied to loss of habitat in surrounding areas to NNP, which is threatening the lions’ survival.

“If there is no prey or there isn’t enough prey in the park the animals may decide to wander out,” Kenyan conservationist Ali Kaka told the BBC.

A pride of lions made its way into Nairobi one night last month, creating a panic. Two of the pride were captured returned to the park and the other two eventually found their way back on their own. An electric fence and main roadway is all that separates Nairobi and NNP’s lions, leopards, buffaloes, giraffes and other animals. However the opposite side of the park is bordered by a river.



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