Gunshots In Your Neighborhood? 5 Things You Should Do


Going by the level of insecurity in different parts of the country which has daily gotten on the rise, the worried of Nigerians has increased. To calm worried Nigerians, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 things people should do when they hear gunshots in their neighborhood.

The fast that you can hear the gunshots means the bullet did not hit you, so keep calm, cool and calculated. This helps you think better and faster thereby giving you a better chance of surviving.

After you are calm, the first thing is to figure out is the direction the gunshots are coming from. This lets you figure where the safest direction is.

It is advisable at this point that one goes into hiding. Giving what your calculation of the situation shows, you would know whether or not to raise an alarm or the kind of alarm to raise.

Before calling family and friends, call the police.

As much as calling on God is important in this situation, you should be smart about it. Even the bible says ‘wisdom is profitable to direct’.



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