Dear Wives – The Secret To Blowing Your Man’s Mind In Bed (Is SUPER Easy)


Any woman can be a rock star in bed. Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Be willing to be seen.

Men are by nature visual creatures. Men want to see the goods they are going to touch. Leave the lights on. Don’t hide yourself under covers. Sure it’s vulnerable, maybe even terrifying. However, if you allow yourself to be seen, you’re about 90% there regarding being the best lover he ever had.

2. Tell him what you like, what you want and what you don’t.

Men have no idea what to do with your body. They may as well be flying with blinders on in the dark.

You don’t come with an instruction manual he can read up on before hitting the sheets, so it’s on you to praise and appreciate what feels delightful to help him find his way. Men are way more performance driven — his arousal is directly proportionate to him feeling like he pleases his woman. So, let him know what pleases you. You’ll both be glad you did.

3. Speaking of what pleases you, be willing to ask for it.

Men are turned on by a woman who knows what turns her on and will go after it. They like to be in the driver’s seat. However, a man also likes a woman who’s willing to take the wheel and steer towards her pleasure. Chances are being shy won’t get you off, and it won’t help him get you off either.

4. Savor HIS body too.

You know how women hate it when a man goes from a peck of a kiss straight to her crotch in 5.5 seconds? Well, men don’t hate that.

However, they enjoy a woman who will take the time to enjoy his parts in between. Be curious. Be slow. Be the woman who savors his entire body. That’s the kind of woman he’s going to crave more of because he felt like you craved him, all of him.


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