Cultists, Prostitutes Barred From Giving Offerings, Tithes – Lord’s Chosen Church

The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has barred cultists, armed robbers, women on trousers, prostitutes and kidnappers from giving offerings in the church.

The Cleric made this known at the headquarters of the church at Ijesha, Lagos state during a two-day crusade programme over the weekend.

He said God is not interested in ill-gotten wealth and riches as he barred them from making pledges and paying tithes in the church.
He said, “If you are here and you are an armed robber, a kidnapper, cultist, adulterer, among others and you don’t want to repent, please we urge you not to give offering, tithe or pledge because we are here to lead people to Christ and not money.

“The God who called us is always with us and we know that God will supply all our needs including money to finance the church.

“We may not know you but God knows you and will judge you if you go against his will,” the Cleric stated.



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