Balloon Released By Girl In Texas Found 948 Miles Away In Ohio

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An Ohio woman found a deflated balloon with a message stating it had floated all the way from Cisco, Texas. April Pope of Eaton, Ohio, shared a photo of the balloon which bore the message “Hello, all the way from Cisco,TX” to the Cisco Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page, hoping to find out about the balloon’s origins.

“We found this balloon in the family cemetery on Toby Rd in Eaton, OH,” she wrote. “We would love for the owner to know we found it.” Pope told WHIO that she was able to find the balloon’s original owner, an eighth-grade cheerleader named Avery Lewis in Texas, in about 20 minutes.

“Facebook can accomplish anything,” Pope said. “It made her day and it kind of made our day.” Lewis’ mother told KTAB that she came home with the balloon from varsity cheerleading tryouts and wanted to send it away with a message. She added that the balloon got stuck in two trees before successfully floating away and traveling 948 miles to Ohio.



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