Australian Teen Stops Train To Save Pet Bird


A teen girl in Australia acted quickly by asking train station staff to stop a train after her pet bird flew onto the tracks. Security footage posted to Facebook by Queensland Rail shows the group of girls walking along a platform at the Chelmer station when the budgerigar parakeet flew away from the girls and landed on the track.

One girl immediately ran to alert a staff member of the bird’s presence and the train was stopped as driver Shane Little rescued the pet bird.”It flew away from me the first time but I managed to pick it up the second time and took it over to the girls,” Little told the Brisbane Times. “They were over the moon.”

Little added that pets aren’t meant to be taken on the train, but both he and the Queensland Rail praised the girls for acting quickly and not attempting to go onto the tracks themselves.

“We commend the girls for not fluttering about and for following the appropriate steps to stay off the tracks to safely report the incident, which has meant we were able to safely stop trains for a short time to save and collect the budgie,” the station wrote on Facebook. “The budgie has lived to tweet a sweet tale.”


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