Army Seizes Fake Policemen Vehicle In Rivers [PHOTOS]


While the National and State Houses of Assembly rerun elections are set to start, a patrol vehicle conveying fake police officers were apprehended by the Nigerian Army at Rumuokwuta community. Below are photos of the seized vehicle.

Source: National Helm


  1. Election is not a do or die affairs. It is a game of many for the gain of few. So why should unconstituded group of people take laws into their hands with arms and ammunition masquerating as agency of government killing fellows innocent men and women in the name of political opponent and struggles for power.

    I want to ask you, if you finish killing your brothers and sisters in the name of political struggle who will you lead or represent? Meanwhile, my fellows Rivers people, kindly take note that your lives worth more than any power struggles. Election is not a do or die affairs. Election will come and go; but your identity and communities as River’s people will remain. Political Leaders and agitators will come and go, but the interest of the Rivers people will remain and must be protected. It’s high time we stopped illegitimate killings; because human life must be respected and protected. Rivers people must work and fight for positive socio-economic growth and development.

    Nevertheless, a message to the militants and political thugs; surrender your weapons and embrace peace for the interest and socio-economic wellbeing of Rivers people. Mind you, where there is security and peace there is development..


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