A Sitting Governor May Die Next, Apostle Suleman Warns

Apostle-Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman has urged Nigerians to offer prayers for themselves and public office holders, following the death of the Minister of State for Labour, James Ocholi, SAN, in a fatal car accident along the Kaduna-Abuja expressway on Sunday.

Apostle Suleman of the Auchi-Edo State based Omega Fire Ministries, had in his annual new year predictions released in December 2015, stated that Nigeria would witness serious political developments.

He said some ministers would not be regular at cabinet meetings in 2016 as they will be battling health issues while some won’t return alive.

Conveying his condolences on the unfortunate death of Ocholi, his wife and son yesterday, the clergy reiterated his charge on Nigerians to pray ceaselessly for themselves and office holders.

Speaking through his media manager, Folorunsho Hamsat, Apostle Suleman specifically called for prayers from Nigerians “so that a sitting state Governor would not die before the year runs out”.

According to his spokesperson, “The apostle received the news with sadness and again stated that a governor may die next”.

“He’ll speak to the public soon but for now, his condolence on Mr. James Ocholi’s death goes to the federal government, the people of Kogi, his friends, family, staff and others touched by the unfortunate incident”, Hamsat added.



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