5 UNACCEPTABLE Things No One Teaches A Nigerian (It Comes Naturally)

Incubated in a culture where achievements mean a great deal, Nigerians are motivated to do better than their neighbours. Because of this culture there is an inherent competitiveness and an abject hatred for being failures. Nigerians are very motivated people and with great motivation comes the ability to surpass all barriers. We are nurtured from the word ‘go’ to aim for greatness. The more you achieve, the higher your reputation grows. To achieve greatness, Nigerians have managed to learn a lot of things, but there are somethings Nigerians are not taught, it comes naturally. These natural things are the kind of stuff, INFORMATION NIGERIA has beamed the light on in this piece…

Cutting corners: Nigerians are the best at doing something in the fastest or cheapest possible way. No one teaches them that, it is innate. A Nigerian in any situation whatsoever will always devise means whether legal or not of making things easy for himself.

Bribe: Corruption is an endemic disease that has eaten up every facet of the Nigerian society, no wonder Nigeria rank high amongst the world’s most corrupt nations. Nigerians need not be taught, they know exactly the modalities for giving and accepting bribe without being caught.

Beat traffic: As soon as a Nigerian can drive, the next thing you know is they want to overtake every other car on the road and beat every traffic rule ever made.

Jump queues: Many Nigerians would rather die than stand on the queue for something. No one teaches Nigerians this, they just know and it is called ‘shunting’.


Show off: Nigerians put the ‘s’ in show off. A classic example are our celebs. Even when they post photos on social media of a new acquisition they do not let it slide without adding an exaggerated amount. Sometimes you are forced to ask whether or not these people know what google can do.

Which did we miss???





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