5 Things Village Girls Do Better Than City Girls


A typical man wants a woman who would love, respect and treat him like a king. He wants her to be beautiful and a perfect mother to his kids – because of this, many men spend half their lives searching for her. There have been cases where mothers bring women for their sons to marry, either because he’s taking too long to find one for himself or because she (the mother) has carefully sought the best girl she knows for him. These sort of girls, usually well-behaved are mostly brought from the village. Why so? Is it because village girls are better than city girls? Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA, brings you 5 reasons why village girls may be better. After reading this, we would like to know what you think…

Food: A village girl has all the time in the world to concentrate on learning and perfecting the kitchen art. City girls on the other hand are too busy doing social media, visiting cinemas, clubs and shopping malls to have the time to actually learn how to cook. Even if a village girl wanted to be a social media freak like her city counterparts, the epileptic power and poor network in the village won’t let her.

Prudent: They are brought up to know how to manage little resources to get optimum result; this is what girls from the village have been exposed to all their lives unlike their city counterpart who only know expensive things and not their cheaper substitutes. Because village girls wouldn’t be spending a fortune on human hair and frivolous gadgets, she is likely to be a better home manager than the city girl.

Decent: Even though this can be contested but considering the odds, a village girl is more likely to maintain a higher percentage of decency than a city girl. Some city girls do very unimaginable things to keep up with fashion trends, however, a village girl has seen decency in her immediate environment all her life, hence the lower possibility of her wanting to be indecent in any way.

Submissive: A city girls knows too much already to be able to totally submit to a man. With all the activism she grew up seeing, it would take extra effort for her to submit herself to a man than a village girl, who was taught from the world go, that her life begins and ends at the command of her man.

Homely: A village girl even when she is sent to school is taught that her primary and main responsibility is to raise a family. She knows that her duties are to do the dishes, laundry, cook, make the home and take care of her husband’s physical and emotional needs.

Which would you choose, a village girl or a city girl???




  1. This article and the list of reasons compiled is a statement of embarrassment for men all around the world and an abomination in its truest form. Sexism at its highest and the writer of this post needs an education himself.


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