5 Things Lagosians Find Annoying About Lagos Traders


There are many things we love about Lagos; the night life, the entertainment, the business and its vast opportunities. There are also stuffs we do not like about Lagos, like the traffic, high cost of living and the annoying way traders at the markets go about their businesses. Some of them look like they dumped their scruples at home and came to the market without any. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece discusses 5 things most Lagos traders do that could make your skin crawl…

Pulling you their way: This is often done by the Hausa men who buy and sell dollar and gold. They totally throw caution to the wind and hassle passersby to come and buy or sell foreign currencies or gold. Some of them some would drag women by he wrist in the most irritating and annoying manner to come patronise them. 

Agressive traders: They state the price for the item you want to buy, which is often frivolous and ask you to feel free to state what you are comfortable paying. But as soon as you mention a figure they do not like, they go all harsh on you.

No window shopping: Elsewhere in the world, its OK to window shop but in a typical Lagos market, it isn’t. 5 minutes in a traders shop without buying anything or finding something will land you in a very embarrassing situation.

Impose stuff on buyers: They show you something they think you should like and you dare say you do not, they start to remind you of all the reasons in the world why you should take it and when you insist you do not need it, the trader will get offended and shade the heck out of you and ask you to take your broke self out of their shop.


Throw shades: There is no excuse for not having enough money on you to buy their highly priced items as that would be tantamont to being yabbed by them and their associates.

What do you not like about Lagos markets and traders????




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