5 Simple Things Nigerians Find Hard To Do


Whether other countries in Africa accept it or not, Nigeria is a great country and Nigerians are great people. Nigerians are one of the most accommodating people in the world. Nigeria’s big brother role to countries like South Africa, can not be swept under the carpet. However, there are certain things that are required of a big brother that Nigerians find hard to do. INFORMATION NIGERIA, in this piece, looks a 5 of them…


Vacations: Although studies have shown that vacation increases job productivity, most Nigerians will not be caught dead planning a vacation, where there is still so much money to be made. Even on public holidays, vacations do not cross the mind of Nigerians. An average Nigerian is a chronic workaholic, therefore vacations and paid holidays sound like rocket science to the brains of most Nigerians.

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Use waste bin: It is very common to see a Nigerian throw trash by the road side or out of a moving vehicle without any sense of guilt. No matter how ugly it makes the environment, some Nigerians could care less and still go ahead and litter everywhere with trash.


Abide by traffic rules: The only time a Nigerian can be seen acting properly on the road is when constituted authority is on ground to punish offenders. Otherwise, a Nigerian driver could care less, if there is a zebra crossing ahead.

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Not prudent: Nigerians can manage and manage when they are hustling but as soon as they hit it big, they forget everything about being prudent and become very extravagant, buying stuff with the intent to impress and intimidate. Even when on an important mission like pilgrimage abroad or official assignment, they turn it into another shopping adventure.

Stay quiet: When Lagos observed the ‘horn-free day’ in October 2014, Nigerians felt for once what is felt in other parts of the world. Nigerians enjoy making noise. Whether it is from a church speaker in the early hours of the morning or late at night, or a danfo or truck driver’s irritating honk or some very happy fellow shouting for no just cause, there is always something happening to disrupt the peace of the environment.

What else can’t Nigerians do???



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