5 Easy Ways To Survive In A Nigerian Ghetto

So, you have dreams to someday live in GRA or the coolest part of the city but for now, your income is low and all you can afford is an apartment in the ghetto part of your city. For those who have stayed a long time there, they already know what to do to survive but for those who are new to the area, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 easy ways to survive living in the ghetto without getting hurt…

Be friends with the street boys: This is the first rule of survival. be friendly with the guys who feel they own the area. Sometimes, just give them money, don’t wait until they have to ask you for it.

Be respectful: When you see a group of guys siting and doing their stuff, just greet them and go your way, because one of these days, you’re going to be late and might bump into them at the night. They good will you’ve built from saying ‘hello’ might be your saving grace.

Don’t flaunt your gadgets: It is OK to buy expensive gadgets but do not flaunt them, like ever. While walking on the street especially at night, keep them out of sight. The only thing you would be drawing by flaunting them is unnecessary attention.

Never let fear show on you: Yeah! some of those guys could be really tough looking and all you want to do is run away as soon as they appear. Showing too much fear makes you the easiest prey.

Do not date any girl: Most of the girls are already tied to the guys who own the area or these guys are already interested in them. Do not put yourself in trouble by asking them out. Find your women outside.

These are our top five, add yours!!!


The Less You Have, the Less Can Be Stolen






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