Young Woman Travels The World For Free By Getting Men To Pay For Dates In Exotic Locations


Most people would love nothing more than to quit their jobs and travel the world, but they simply lack the courage, and most importantly, the funds to do so. A young woman from Alabama has managed to do it though, by meeting rich men on the internet and having them pay for dates in some of the most exotic places on Earth. She’s now in a serious relationship with one of them, and he might just turn out to be ‘the one’. It all started in December 2014, when 25-year-old Monica Lynn decided that her life was too boring and lacked adventure.

So she quit her high-flying job as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in order to find something more interesting. Soon, she stumbled upon MissTravel, a website where people search for partners to go on holidays with. “I came across Miss Travel in an article about weird websites,” Lynn explained. “I thought, ‘Yes, that sounds weird – but also kinda cool. This website attracts very successful men who don’t have the time to date in the normal way, so this allows them to accelerate the whole thing. They’re going on trips anyway, and they can afford to search through profiles and afford to bring one they like with them.”

Lynn claims that she did have reservations about the whole thing initially, but she signed up anyway and started chatting with a few guys. Within a month, she met a 31-year-old managing director who took her on a week-long holiday to Barbados in February 2015. He paid for everything – her flights, stay at a five-star resort, cocktails, and even gave her gifts including silver jewellery.

Lynn realises that people might get the wrong idea, but she explained that it’s just like regular dating, except in an exotic location. She stressed that there’s no pressure or expectation that she would have to sleep with her sponsors on these trips. “That depends on the person and how you behave,” she said. “It’s like any other dating website, it’s just there’s lots of travelling involved.”



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