Woman Deported For Using Her Passport To Wipe Her Private Part

faye (1)

A woman from the United Kingdom was barred from entering Thailand after she used her passport as toilet paper. The 27-year-old woman identified as Faye Wilson was planning to spend a month in Thailand before traveling to Australia, where she planned to work for a year, but that didn’t happen as immigration officials denied her entry for tearing pages from her passport to wipe her privates.

According to her, immigration officials opened her passport and began looking through it. They then asked: “what happened here?”  She then confessed to using some of the already stamped documents as toilet paper. Faye who feigned ignorance as regards the importance of her passport, said that she used the passport eight times in five years, and she did not realize that it would be a problem to rip out some of the pages.

She further disclosed she used a bathroom at a local bar and discovered they didn’t have tissue paper, so she decided to use pages from her passport. She has since been deported.



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