Valentine And I – Must Read For All Those In Love

The pleasure of love is in loving… – Francois Rouchefocauld.
It’s another season of love, a period dedicated to lovers. For many years now, I have only observed this season come and go in peace; I’ve not had a reason to be very conscious of it. I don’t need to spell it out that I’ve been single. Well, maybe save for last year when I decided to go with friends to show love to some motherless babies.
However, we know the valentines is largely for lovers, so it has turned out to be in these modern times – we have accepted it anyway and respect it as such. So the world allows lovers to express themselves in various ways on this special season – with gifts, events, holidays, dinners etc, lovers get to have a fill of the moment. All these are only being done to reassure themselves of the commitment they have for their various relationships…how sweet.
Now, this year, I have a reason to participate in this ritual…I’m in loveeeeeeee! I’m excited about it, it feels great. It’s my first Vals in many years and it means a lot to me. I want to reassure my partner of my undying love and commitment towards what we share. This season has to be memorable. My imaginations are running wild – expensive dinner, a holiday trip, gifts worth so much money… She’s obviously worth more than all that but I can make this memorable in a very simple way just with prints – yes customized prints.
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I learnt is giving lovers an amazing opportunity to give their loved ones long lasting memories of this valentines, and at very affordable cost. You can get customized wines, pillow cases, cards, aprons and even framed digital painting of pictures of your loved ones at almost no cost, and with delivery too. This is the first time I’d hear of this and it’s the coolest thing around as we speak.
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