SEE 5 Reasons The Senate Vowed Its Support For Saraki


Embattled president of the Upper Legislative Chamber, Bukola Saraki has recieved the support of the Senate after wide consultation and series of meeting. In days to come, the senate may launch a full-scale war against the Presidency and certain elements of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who they persistently accuse of masterminding the travails of Saraki. Drawing from the Senate’s reactions to Saraki’s trial, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 reasons why the senate has given its support to Saraki…

1. The Senate is of the opinion that the case against Saraki is not about any fight against corruption but simply a case of political vendetta.

2. The Senate believes that until Saraki is proven guilty, he remains innocent as proferred in the fundamental principle in the Nigerian legal system. In light of this they have decided to patiently observe the proceedings until the case runs its full circle in the nation’s final judicial forum.

3. The Senate said that there is no basis for the call on the Senate President to resign until after the matter is decided in that final judicial forum. Such a call at this time is premature, mischievous and unwarranted, they added.

4. They also called on members of the public to ignore the rantings of a few Senators who having failed to get the wish of their sponsors done on the floor of the Senate are now launching media campaign against the leadership of the Senate.

5. On a final note, they said that the Senate under Dr. Saraki has achieved stability in the legislative institution and do not need any negative distraction at this point.

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