Peter Okoye Hit With Cheating Allegation, His Instagram Model Mistress Reacts!!!


The eccentric Peter Okoye of P-Square has just been hit with a cheating scandal.

An Instagram user with the name Mihlany, has accused Peter Okoye of cheating on his wife with Dominican/American model, Aimee.

Mihlany went as far as slamming Peter Okoye on Instagram and even tagged both Lola Omotayo and the model, Aimee.

Peter Okoye quickly deleted the comments and blocked Mihlany.

The P-Square star has been in England and Turkey with 34-year-old football star from Cameroon Samuel Eto’o.

Aimee was in the United Kingdom the same time Peter Okoye and Samuel Eto’o were in the country.

Aimee also shared a photo of her with Samuel Eto’o in the United Kingdom.

When Peter went back to Turkey, Aimee flew back to the United States of America.

Aimee and Samuel Eto'o in London.

A picture of Aimee and Peter Okoye is on Instagram and it was taken by a friend of Peter Okoye.

Aimee has however reacted to the allegations. On her Instagram she wrote;

Rumors can be entertainment for some but affect the people they are about. We all have families we love dearly and it is extremely wrong and unfair to link me to someone who is SIMPLY a friend. Nothing more. Nothing Less. Instagram pictures do not tell the whole story. I am a model, a continuing student and a woman dedicated to making a small mark in this world.

“The world of modeling and bartending has afforded little ol’ me the opportunity to meet lots of people and travel all over the world. About 6mos ago, I began a small project in my native land, the Dominican Republic for a small school for 100 young and impoverished children. Since breaking ground, my father and business partner (my godmother) have met with many leaders of the society & world…

Aimee in London.

“Athletes, Local Dominican Politicians, Town leaders, Musicians, and Entrepreneurs to donate their time, effort or money towards helping these kids of mine. When I am done with my school, I will reveal details in due time. Much like everything important, things take time and with Gods grace, it will be a success. #GirlBoss #GlamourWomen #VivianWang #UnitedNations #WomeninBusiness #DominicanRepublic #SayNotoFalseRumors #HealtheWorld #JustBecauseIModelDoesntMeanImDense #BadBitchesAreBossesToo #Smile


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