No More Accidental Discharge??? 3 Reasons Why The Police Is Replacing Fire Arms With Stun Guns

IGP: we’ll introduce stun guns to replace firearms

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Solomon Arase, while speaking at the Police Commissioners Conference held in Abuja yesterday February 3rd said that the Nigeria Police Force will soon replace firearms with shun guns. According to the IGP, this is part of measures to reduce casualties from the misuse of firearms by officers who are on patrol. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the 3 reasons proffered by the IGP for making this move…

– A shun gun being a weapon designed to stun or immobilize (as by electric shock) rather than kill or injure the one affected is saver. It only temporarily immobilizes a person without inflicting serious injury.

– The IGP said the introduction of shun gun this year will drastically reduce cases of police killings.

– Mr. Arase said it is important to introduce shun gun became in case a patrolling officer mistakenly shoots someone, the fatality will be such that it does not result in death.

Do you think that some police will misuse it???


  1. The Nigeria Police will definitely use the medium to humiliate citizens, because they know quite well that casualty level will be zero. So, they’d shoot anyhow, anytime


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