Iyanya REVEALS He’s Getting Married This Year!!!


Hunky Nigerian pop singer, Iyanya, 29, seems to be set to man-up and handle responsibility.

Iyanya is planning on getting married this year but he reveals that he doesn’t want the general public interfering in his issue.

Speaking to The Punch over the weekend, Iyanya said he wants to get married in 2016 but wants to keep it on the low.

I am making plans to do all that but I don’t think I would want people to know anything about it. I will not miss the single life” said the singer.

Iyanya is also not a big fan of displaying his relationships on social media. “The truth is that once it gets to the hands of the media, we both lose it. But it is not your fault because you are just doing your job. But then, it just takes a negative effect on the relationship.

He further added “It puts us on unnecessary pressure. It gives the people who don’t even have the right to talk, an opportunity to interfere even when they don’t know the truth about what is going on.“So from social media, I’ve learnt to keep my relationship private and to give the people more music. That is what they know me for first of all. I don’t let the other things cloud the music that I’m known for.

Iyanya also stated that he is talking from experience. “I’m talking from experience. It just doesn’t make any sense. Once you are famous and you put your relationship out there, it is gone.

The singer is most likely referring to his last affair with skin care entrepreneur Freda Francis.

After steaming the headlines with their Instagram photos and public appearances the pair got separated this January.



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