Buhari Orders Probe Into Benue Massacres

President Muhammadu Buhari-official-portrait

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered a probe into the deadly clashes between herdsmen and indigenes of communities in Benue State.

President Buhari, who expressed deep shock at the latest incident during the past week, which led to hundreds of deaths in four communities in Agatu, Benue State, ordered security agencies to get to the root causes of the problem.

“We will conduct an investigation to know exactly what happened; the only way to bring an end to the violence once and for all is to look beyond one incident and ascertain exactly what factors are behind the conflicts”, he said.

The president added that all Nigerians must learn to live together as one, in peace and unity.

“We are all one nation and one people”, he said. “There should not be any reason why Nigerians of any group or tongue cannot now reside with one another wherever they find themselves after decades of living together”.

He further expressed condolences to the government and people of Benue State, particularly the people of the Agatu communities, assuring them that the government would do everything possible to ensure that no such incident ever occurred in their midst again.

“Once the investigations are concluded, we will act immediately to address the root of the problem”, President Buhari said.


  1. kolapo04 • in a few seconds

    the only reasonable necessary action is that the Nigerian Police Force must go over there and arrest animal herders who are carrying illegal guns, killing farmers on his/her farms, because they believe all Nigeria’s land is grassland for their cows without respect for and appreciation of cultures and peoples of Nigeria.
    If the police failed to keep peace and protect the lives of our citizens from these murderers, then there will be nothing wrong in with these communities arming themselves against these cattle-herders and their cattle from destroying local farmlands and depriving others of having a lucrative means of livelihood, which is one of the benefits of living in a democratic and civilized nation.
    Is there really anything Mr Buhari want to know about this issue that everyone does not know already ? No, he just wants to buy time, so he cannot and will not put or call his kins (fellow Fulani men) to order.


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