9 Things Nigerians DEFINITELY Miss About The Good Old Days


When grandparents and parents tell their children of tales of how life was long before they gave birth to them, one can not help but wonder where and how the government and people of Nigeria got it all wrong. With the continuous collapse of the naira and the high cost of living today, Nigerians if given a choice, will definitely love to go back to the good old days when life was relatively easy and success was guaranteed by just being honest and hardworking. To bring back those good memories for the younger folks, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 9 things Nigerians certainly miss about Nigeria many years ago…


1. When Naira had value: In the good old days, the naira was said to be very valuable as a lot of things could be purchased with just N1, which was just the same has $1 but today N1,000 can not feed anyone comfortably in a day.


2. When good music equaled good lyrics: When you play songs recorded those days today, there is a striking difference between them and what we have nowadays. Old songs had meaningful lyrics and good beats but today’s songs can only boast of beats as the lyric are nothing to write home about.

Child in money

3. When values superseded ill gotten wealth: Those days society would question anyone who suddenly shows up with wealth and has no known means of income. Then the onus is on such person to provide prove of how he became suddenly rich or face the wrath of the entire community. These days however, the reverse is the case as  thieves and treasury looters are honoured with Chieftaincy titles and made elders in the church.


4. When being a university graduate was all one needed to have a good life: The younger ones are quite familiar with this as they must have heard tales of about the Nigeria of old that as soon as one graduates from the university, he is given a job and a luxury apartment. These days however, this is just a fantacy as it doesn’t happen anymore. Today, most graduates roam the streets of Nigeria with their certificate looking for a job (any job) to keep body and soul together at least.

Nigerian jollof rice

5. When University undergraduates were provided free meal ticket: Government in those days were said to have provided university students with free meal tickets that gave them access to whole chicken. Students also get every clean accommodation coupled with free laundry. Nothing like this exist again today, and this has forced most parents who are fortunate enough to be in a position to afford it to resort to patronising private universities since government owned ones are saddled with incessant strikes and horrible infrastructures.


6. When you could start a business with your integrity and no money: people say in those days, many people would go and buy goods on credit to sell and would return the cost price to the seller when the goods are sold albeit today, any seller who tries this will end up with a heart attack because the buyer will by default vanish.


7. When rents, food stuff and other essential commodities were affordable: In those days, the prices of food items, rents, transport and most things needed to sustain life cost almost nothing compared to what obtains today. These items these days have continued to sky rocket with no hope of coming down.


8. When getting a UK visa was easy: Getting a visa to go abroad was easy in those days but today people could spend years applying and applying, only to keep getting turned down at the embassy.


9.When traders could leave their goods in the market unattended, put the cost value on it: This was so, so buyers would know the cost of the goods and buy them at the price indicated by the seller with the money on the goods. Try that now, both the goods and the money on it would disappear without trace

Older folks, kindly add the ones we might have missed!!!


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