8 Colleagues No One Ever Wants To Have

When it comes to employment, Nigrians have a lot to deal with. The fact that many Nigerians are unemployed is stale news just as many more are underemployed. Because the working place is where most people a lot of their time, considering they are there 5 out of 7 days in the week in most cases, for others, it is 6 out of 7 – then the environment has too be very conducive and positive. However, there are some people in he name of co-workers who make the lives of other workers a living hell. As a matter of fact, many people have lost their jobs or resigned because of the actions of their colleague(s). For those of you who are starting a new job or first job, INFORMATION NIGERIA  has put together 5 types of colleagues you should hope never to meet…

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The colleague who is so audible on the phone:
By just a few weeks, you probably know everything about him/her because an average phone call he/she makes is as loud as an announcement at the airport which alert passengers on flight schedules. This type of colleague is harmless at first if you’re new at the office but be careful, they can drive you crazy and make you inefficient because you are going to have a hard time concentrating on what you were employed to do because of the nuisance they’ve decided to constitute.

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The Bosses: They are actually not the boss but since they can’t wait to be one, they use their colleagues for practice against when they finally become one. They are pushy and controlling, and may be loud and forceful or quietly intense. One thing’s for sure: If you’re in their path, they’ll remove you as an obstacle.

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 The colleague who is always on leave:  They always have a reason to stay away from work. Either they are claiming they are sick or a family member is and you have to fill in for them. It sad part is that their absence doesn’t threaten their jobs alone, other people’s jobs are threatened too. Most of them have no good reason to stay away from work as often times they are as healthy as a stick and probably somewhere far away having fun.


The colleagues who knows is all: They are not google but they claim to know it all. They never ever submit to anyone in an argument and would assist all the time that everyone else’s points are wrong. These ones never listen but expect you to listen to them all the time.


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Grenade: These are the screamers and stompers. They become explosively angry or throw emotional temper tantrums. People tend to fear their explosive temper and stay way from them. This make them feel like they’re respected but the truth is, they’re being avoided.


The politicians: This type of colleagues work their way into the ranks by befriending everyone, especially the big bosses. They often make themselves popular by doing favours for the ogas or tearing their colleagues down, back-stabbing and rubbishing anyone just so they get to the position that they want. The sad reality is that these people often get what they want.




The colleagues who complains: These ones complain about anything and everything. They complain about having to wake up so early to get to work, the traffic, the rude bus driver they just had a fight with on their way to work, the way the hours go oh so slow, fellow colleagues and every other thing under the sun. They always talk about resigning and getting a better job while the truth is, 200years from now, they’ll still be there… complaining as they did when they newly got the job.



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The Pleasers: This type of colleague is so eager to please everyone, they agree to everything but rarely follow through, leaving a trail of unfinished work and broken promise. Their answer to every request is yes but be very careful because they could be very dishonest people.

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