6 Things Lagos Passengers Do That Annoys Danfo Bus Drivers

The Lagos danfo drivers are not the only ones guilty of annoying passengers as some passengers do things that gets under the skin of the drivers too. When you get on a danfo in Lagos at anytime of the day and no drama happens between passengers and conductors or passengers and drivers or between fellow passengers, then you probably are not in Lagos or inside a danfo; please look around to confirm. Last time we talked about passengers; Weird Things Lagos Danfo Drivers Do That is Absolutely Annoying, so to be fair to all and not make the drivers seem like the only bad guys, INFORMATION NIGERIA has decided to talk about some things passengers do that can be really annoying…

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Being Inaudible (deliberately): The norm is that when the bus gets to your bustop, you need to shout ‘owa’ or ‘stop’. However some passengers for reasons best known to them wouldn’t open their mouths when they say it and the drivers who sincerely might not have heard them would take them past their busstop. This is one of the most common things that results to the famous passengers and drivers fall out.


Asking to drop where there is no bus stop: There are passengers who are so selfish to the teeth they don’t care if the bus driver gets into trouble with traffic officers for dropping them off anywhere, all they want is for the danfo driver to stop when they say stop even when there is no designated bustop.

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Handing out very high denomination for low fares: Some passengers would hear the instruction, ‘enter with your change’ clearly before boarding the bus and yet proceed to hand the driver or conductor as the case may be denominations ten times or more higher than their fare.

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Instructing the driver on how to drive: Some passengers in the few minutes they would be on the bus would automatically become driver lesson experts, dispensing unsolicited driving lessons to the bus drivers. These type of passengers become even more annoying during traffic jams.


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Point at the direction, they are going instead of saying it: If these type of passengers were deaf and dumb, then it would be understandable but the problem is, they are not and instead of saying where they are going in words they just point at it and this could really piss off the driver.

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Hoarding space: Some passengers will sit on the bus as if they are sitting in their parlour. The passenger who is paying for just one sat would sit in such a way that the person sitting close to him/her would be very uncomfortable. This kind of behaviour annoys both the driver and other passengers.

Which did we miss or which of them are you guilty of???



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