5 UNACCEPTABLE Things Nigerian Girls Do That Guys Hate

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Nigerian girls like every human in the world aren’t perfect. They do some things guys find absolutely annoying. A Nigerian girl could place money over romance or end a relationship over lack of money. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 annoying things Nigerian girls do that guys hate…


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Guilt trip: Guys hate it when a girl makes them feel guilty, especially in order to induce them to do something they ordinary shouldn’t have done.

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Policing: Guys want their women to trust them but when a girl starts to snoop around their phones, social media accounts and around the house looking for things to incriminate them, Nigerian guys do not like it.

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When she brings her friend on a date: Guys hate it when they ask a girl to a date and the girl shows up with a couple of her friends. He asked you to a date not a town hall meeting.

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When she orders too much food on a date: This only portray a girl as either poor or too hungry. Ones you show this side of you, a guy by default would take to his heels.

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When she asks for takeaway: Guys hate it when a girl asks for takeaway after a date. This drops the girl’s reputation in the sight of the guy.

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  1. Well not all girls are like that but alot of people don’t know that love of money is in every woman’s DNÀ…why?God inserted it in women so that they can pick a man that can protect her and her kids, provide etc etc.


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