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Witch-hunting: We Know Why Dasuki, Dokpesi, Metuh Have Cases In Court; It Will Be Fayose’s Turn When He Leaves Office – Adegboruwa




Lagos lawyer, Ebun Adegboruwa has advised that President Muhammadu Buhari be properly advised on human rights issues amid the ongoing anti-corruption crusade so that he is not accused of vendetta.

“During the campaign, a documentary was aired on AIT which some people considered offensive. The PDP, through its spokesperson, hammered Buhari. So, when I saw Raymond Dokpesi in court, I have an idea why he is being tried even though there are allegations against him. I saw the PDP spokesman in court and I understand why. I also understand that in 1985 when there was a coup against Buhari, some officers played prominent roles then and one of them is Dasuki; so I saw him in court and I have an idea why. After Ayo Fayose’s tenure as governor of Ekiti, I expect to see him in the EFCC office. So, people raise the issue of vendetta. We must advise the President correctly,” Adegboruwa said on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Friday.

He continued: “I cannot understand why people are saying human rights must be subsumed under a war against corruption. We cannot say that people will no longer be granted bail because they are facing corruption charges. Corruption trial, terrorism trial will come under human rights. Felony is a bailable offence.

“Section 36 of the Constitution says people are presumed innocent until proven guilty so you cannot just keep people in detention. And the reason is that if the man is found not to be guilty, he would have suffered for an offence he was not guilty of. So you allow him that presumption.

“Look at the case of Dasuki. J. B. Daudu is standing for him. He has been the eye of the law in this country. He was the President of the NBA. Why should any reasonable person expect or think that Daudu would encourage his client to jump bail, knowing the consequences?

“It seems we are being hypnotised with this anti-corruption war. Look at the high-profile cases and all you hear are stories about bail or no bail and EFCC arresting this and that but when you get to the real trial you don’t get to hear anything because it would seem the proper investigation has not been done. That is what some of us have been saying and that is what we want reversed – encourage the EFCC operatives to conduct proper investigation. Look, there is nothing in bail. The real deal is when you march your suspects to court and confront them with hard facts.

“But when the issue is all about vendetta, ‘oh, he’s the spokesperson of the PDP, let’s put him in handcuffs and humiliate him’, you might not get anywhere. This was a man you arrested in his house and he did not resist arrest. What is going on is not trial,” Adegboruwa said.

The lawyer reminded Nigerians that Buhari’s campaign was hinged on the fight against corruption and since he came to power, “that has been our national anthem”. “You wake up in the morning, it is anti-corruption, you go to the toilet, you evacuate anti-corruption and it has now become the only song we hear and it seems to have become a distraction.

“We support the war against corruption because it has eaten deep into almost every facet of our national life. In the judiciary, an emergency should be declared because what is going on there is not normal. If you really want to fight corruption, the gateway to that battle is the judiciary because the President cannot fight corruption.

“When you talk about fighting corruption, you’re talking about the Office of the Attorney General and the courts and the statutory law enforcement agencies like the ICPC and EFCC, but, if you can follow me to the offices of some of these agencies, you will discover that we are not serious about fighting corruption.

“In the EFCC office in Lagos, for instance, there are no tables; no electricity; the operatives I’ve met several times using their personal stationeries, personal computers to conduct investigations.

“You may want to find out why high-profile cases collapse in court.

“Manpower is not enough. There is no method of research to properly investigate a corruption case.

“Let me tell you what they do: When you get a Yahoo-Yahoo (Advance Fee Fraudster) person, an ordinary person who has no money, you beat him up, hang him, get confessional statement from him; and the next day he is in court; he has been so intimidated and battered and he has no lawyer. In a week’s time, the case is done away with and you get a conviction,” Adegboruwa lamented.


You Are A Worthy Successor, Aregbesola Tells Oyetola



You are a worthy successor, Aregbesola tells Oyetola

Aregbesola and Oyetola

Rauf Aregbesola, former Governor of Osun State and Minister of Interior, has described Governor Gboyega Oyetola as a worthy successor.

In a congratulatory statement in Osogbo on Friday to mark Oyetola’s second anniversary, the Minister said the Osun governor has weathered the storm of governance effectively.

Aregbesola wrote: “I write to congratulate you on the second anniversary of your administration.

“I look back with pride and nostalgia the hard-fought battle of your election and the continuation of progressive administration in the State of Osun.

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“There have been challenges along the line – the inclement national financial weather, the COVID-19 pandemic and others not so significant. But you have weathered the storm admirably and steadied the ship of state.

“The challenges will no doubt present a new format as you step into the third year. These are heightened political participation, pressure to deliver more dividends of democracy and increased demands from the political system. I have no doubt that you will cope nicely.

“Please continue to make the welfare of the people your biggest concern. They are the reason for the state. Without them there will be no government or any political office to occupy.

“Once again, congratulations, as I wish you a resounding success in office and every aspect of life.

“My kind regards to the good wife, Alhaja Kafayat Oyetola and the entire cabinet of the State of Osun.”

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Why Fewer Nigerians Are Turning Out To Vote – Yakubu



Why Fewer Nigerians Are Turning Out To Vote – Yakubu

Mahmood Yakubu

Former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Professor Mahmood Yakubu has stated that the country is experiencing low voter turnout during elections due to failed promises of politicians.

He made this known during his appearance in front of the Senate Committee on INEC for screening for his second tenure.

In the red chambers, when queried for the reason there is always a low turnout of voters during elections, Prof. Yakubu explained that Nigerians no longer trust politicians and are tired of hearing the same promises during electioneering campaigns, so they stay home during elections.

He also explained that the inadequate mobilisation of voters and violence recorded during the electioneering period also contributes to the low turnout of voters.

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“Violence or threat of violence, people don’t tend to vote simply for that fear. Some people just stay on the side of caution by staying away instead of risking it by going out to vote.

“Sometimes, the performance of those elected is a very important factor. Some voters will ask ‘why should I go and vote? Because four years earlier some people made the same promise so nothing has changed.’

“It is a shared responsibility that we all have to put our heads together to solve but we will continue to do what is required by the law in the area of voter registration and publicity,” he said.

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Injustice Made Me To Dump PDP For APC – Senator Abbo



Injustice Made Me To Dump PDP For APC – Senator Abbo

Elisha Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo has stated that injustice in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) made him leave the party for the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He stated this on Thursday shortly after he was presented with the party flag by the Chairman of the Caretaker/Extra-Ordinary Convention Planning Committee, Governor Mai Mala Buni at the party’s National Secretariat in Abuja.

Senator Aboo said he has found justice, development, and purposeful leadership in the ruling party.

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“In the first place, the reason, why everybody should join politics, is to serve the people. The essence of government is to shield the poor masses and ensure justice,” he said.

“My main mission of joining the APC is because I have seen justice, I have seen development and I have seen the desire for the leadership at the highest peak to sacrifice their personal comfort just to make the poor people feel good. So I am in the APC to deliver, I am into the APC to help the people.”

The lawmaker promised to work to make sure the APC takes back Adamawa State from the PDP in 2023.

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