OMG!!! Witch Doctor Makes Shocking Revelation About Prophet TB Joshua, Calls Him ‘My Boy’

Popular Ghanaian witch doctor, Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam, has had a ‘war’ with popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua, at least once in the last two years

— Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam says he backs up over 1,700 African preachers ‘spiritually’


Prophet TB Joshua who is the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has come under fire several times for allegedly hiring people to pretend to be sick and disabled and then claim to heal them during his prayer meetings.

Kwaku Bonsam, who operates from a shrine at Sa-Peiman, a village on the outskirts of Nsawam in east Ghana, is assumed to be a very strong witch doctor who is also called ‘Devil of Wednesday’.

Apparently, this Ghanaian priest is said to be very powerful, that he has claimed he’s the ‘spiritual father’ of some of the most powerful preachers in Africa.

Here’s what the priest had to say:

“Over 1, 700 pastors and so called men of God from different parts of Africa have approached me, seeking powers to perform miracles, including Prophet T.B Joshua from Nigeria. He is my boy. I challenge him to come out and deny this. Apart from the pastors, many prominent business people and celebrated church founders in Africa frequent my shrine for my services and if they deny, I am going to name them.”

Kwaku Bonsam went on to say that his god is called Kofi-Kofi, and he fortifies him with supernatural powers which he in turn provides to pastors across Africa.

The question is, why would he choose to threaten to expose his ‘dedicated’ patrons?

Source: Naij


  1. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm,reporter,witch doctor desist from this madness u called exposing anointed man of God.God will surely punish you for this. Witch doctor if you claim you gave him power to perform miracles,then withdraw your power or destroy the power you gave him…some Lazy ppl are just seeking for attention and recognition but God Almighty pass you all…..long live TB JOSHUA,whom God have bless no devil can curse him

  2. I think he is out of mind, the writer said the priest threatened to name who ever deny it , so y did he name T.b Joshua , has he denied as he said ?. If he s d 1 wh0 gave him power 2 do d miracles as he claimed I think he can as well retrieve it dan making unfounded noise. T.b joshua hath deal with more serious issues than his baseless and empty propaganda, and he has delivered more dangerous devil’s Incarnates dan him so the earlier he go 4 his deliverance the better 4 him.

  3. Lol! U must be a devil 4 real! Devil is knwin 4 lies!
    U re a big lier!!!!
    Wat u need is fame 2 advertise urself nd u v try it wit d wrong person! Tbjoshua is a Prophet 4rm God nd God is His God father, so trash urself away u!!!
    U better go 2 Him 4 deliverance 4rm d most High God dat use Him
    We love u Prophet Tbjoshua!

  4. Exposing your protégés is abnormalities that needed a cure from genuine God servants, I want to entreat you to visit SCOAN today to demonstrate to him that his power belong to you else you are a fake looking for recognition.

  5. No weapon fashioned against the anointed man of God shall prosper. The devil has used different methods to bring the powerful anointed man down, but the more they tried, they more they are put to shame. The devil knows he is the most powerful that is destroying their kingdom, that is why he used the king of the kingdom of darkness, kwaku to come and try the anointed man, TB JOSHUA. He is the only prophet disturbing the kingdom of darkness. Sorry witch doctor, go to TB JOSHUA to deliver you. He is the only one that can set you free.

  6. Let the dead bury themselves, it’s better we leave TB Joshua to answer for him self and God to be de judge cos we all can’t vague for wat we don’t know just like that, cos even the Bible made us know that many are they dat call themselves prophets and perform miracles but @ that last day he will tell them move away I don’t know you. End time is close by only a man knows wat he does in his closet and only Almighty God shall be the overall Judge cos He knoweth all and seeth all. So dear good friends, this battle is not for us but of the Lord. If TB Joshua is innocent God knows and if his not God knows too, it’s better we’re concerned with our personal relationship with God and bother more about the end time and where we will be on dat Day, not this!

  7. We the akoko say this if truly he gave this man power he should visit synagogue and confront this man of God rather than looking for popularity the man of God does not need to talk are they mate angel of God will Speak for that.TB Josua we care about you

  8. I know this man he is a mental patient. No one should take him serious. Journalists una no get work? Why write all these trash ?

  9. Chi baby has said it all. But in addition to that listen, this may be a fallacy and some how it’s not, how will you know. The scriptures spokes of these things so it isn’t new to us. Let me ask you there that is negating this resolution a question, do you know T.B foundation and how sure are you? Please don’t quote me on the negative part. It obvious that God can perform miracle likewise the Devil can do same, therefore what can determine the true chosen child of God it through Sound_Doctrine which can lead men close to God, i don’t mean the preaching of blessing and prosperity. What i mean is as a Pastor, Prophet or whatever position and ofcourse position does not lead one to the kingdom, so have you being preaching and putting yourself in the picture as a once sinner then confess it openly to the congregation? Or of such the witch doctor has said against you have you openly proclaim before the congregation that if what the witch doctor has said it true let God put you to shame but if it not let God strengthen you. If T.B can do these things mentioned he’s a man of God and of such is this Sound_Doctrine am talking about. What am i trying to say, let’s not do what we gonna regrets remember in every rumor there’s a fact. How i wish you can get these books: CHRIST_FOUNDATION, SOUND_DOCTRINE, BOOK OF LIFE and SOUND DOCTRINE EXPANDED EDITION sought for these books and you shall know all about this world even about counterfeit men of God be wise be warn.

  10. Now i agree that the enemy is the father of lies. He was a liar even from the beginning. If the witch doctor has power to heal the way TB joshua does specifically healing of sickness that the world deems them impossible then let him come out in the open and star healing cancer, HIV and other incurable sicknesses .The witch doctor looks poor and he is giving powers for others to be rich why? Is he not interested to be rich?The truth is TB Joshua is the Man that God is using to show his glory to prove to us that the first 5 books of anew testament are not just myth but real

  11. Well I am not God who know what is hidden and what is open, neither do I have spiritual powers to know if he is lying or not. I believe whoever he mention his name is still very much alive to defend himself. Let Almighty God who is the all seer and all knowing be the judge.

  12. I know that those who are making their comments are not all Christians and some are from kingdom of darkness and they find this avenue to attack the person that give them headache . That will not change the fact that he is the man of GOD and he is more than prepared this year to tear the kingdom of darkness apart by casting demons more than before

  13. This man has been saying all kind of rubish words against priest of God. T.b Joshua is a man of God no doubt about that. If that lucify clam he is one who give him the power, he could have withdrew the power before he could rob his mouth in the public. 2 let him go to synagogues to confront t.b Joshua for whole world to know the truth. That bloody fool.

    • well nana the shrian man owns his mouth and can say anything , but all i know is that the power of jesus is above all powers , nana must repent and sav the only begoten son jesus christ . in jesus might name amen

  14. if it is true; why will he expose his customers? don’t he need their money anymore? ok, why did he not withdraw his powers since he claimed that he gave them the power; see when Satan wanted to deceive Adam and Eve, he told them about fruits that can make the as wise as God. now, he plans to lead more Christians astray he claims to give powers. you have failed already!!! nobody wants to go to hell with you.
    you want to belittle God almighty; the custodian of power and might? you want to claim that you are stronger than God? just get ready for his wrath!!!

  15. I thank God for people’s understanding, if he’s the power behind Prophet TB Joshua then why making noise, he should confront him openly so that people will know who is saying the truth

  16. T B JOSHUA IS A MAN OF GOD THE MORE YOU THINK ABOUT HIS MEAN OF POWER THE MORE YOU SEE THE IMAGE OF CHRIST IN HIM. GO TO GALATIANS 5:20 to the check the fruit of the holy spirit if he bears it or not. Remember by their fruit you shall know them

  17. T B JOSHUA IS A MAN OF GOD THE MORE YOU THINK ABOUT HIS MEAN OF POWER THE MORE YOU SEE THE IMAGE OF CHRIST IN HIM. GO TO GALATIANS 5:20 to the end. check the fruit of the holy spirit if he bears it or not. Remember by their fruit you shall know them

  18. Baseless fool , you gave someone power and you are out saying it . Don’t you want your kingdom to grow anymore , If its true then you shouldn’t be out here saying it because he is doing your will. May God have mercy on who ever that posted this , you should know better that this was a trash .


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