Wanted Man Sees His Ugly Mugshot On Facebook, Sends Police A Better Looking One


A man checking his Facebook feed had a problem with a wanted ad posted by his local Ohio authorities. “He said he didn’t like the two photographs that we used,” said a spokesperson for the Lima Police Department. According to LPD, 45-year-old Donald Pugh saw the post with his mughsot, and made a request to police over Facebook, and also spoke to detectives on the phone about it.

In response to his request, LPD posted a new pic, courtesy of Mr. Pugh, “we thank him for being helpful, but now we would appreciate it if he would come speak to us a the LPD about his charges.” LPD said they treated the wanted ad like any other – post the mugshot, and use social media to get tips, or encourage the person to turn themselves in.

Authorities say Pugh has two “failure to appear” charges – one related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and another for a domestic violence case. Police are also looking to speak to him as a person of interest in another investigation.

Lima police tell Sinclair,”because he chose to send us the photo – the internet folks thought that was humorous,” noting the story had gone viral since their January 6 posting. “He’s not ‘El Chapo,’ he’s just a random dude in Lima that we have warrants on.” At the time of this post, Pugh had yet to turn himself in to authorities.

NBC 24,


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