Today In Nigerian History: 29th January

On this day in 1895, King Koko leads a successful attack on Royal Niger Company headquarters in Akassa…

Koko Frederick William was one of the traditional leaders who mobilised their communities to resist the European seizure of African resources from the late 19th century through the early 20th centuries.

The Royal Niger Company went so far to molest, maim, kill and seize all Nembe trading canoes at the Niger Delta Coast along the Brass (Nembe) Nation then referred to as ‘Brave City States’ and also the creeks thereby cutting off the Brass (Nembe) middlemen of their legitimate trade into the interland.

Late King Frederick William Koko, Mingi VIII, Amanyanabo of Nembe Kingdom, who was referred to as the King of the Brass People could not withstand the injustice and oppression metered out to his people, so he mobilized all the Kings and Chiefs of Nembe Kingdom to take action against the Royal Niger Company. They collectively decided that it was better to die by the gun than to die by eating mud or hunger.

He was born in 1848 and died in 1898, Amanyanabo (King) Nembe in the Niger Delta is celebrated in Nigerian history for his attack and destruction of the headquarters of Royal Niger Company .


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