SEE What Some Immoral Kenyan Youths Did At A Pool Party

These photos of a group of young Kenyans dancing raunchily at a pool party over the weekend surfaced on social media and got people talking with many blaming the organizers of such events, saying that they are “promoting immorality among the youth”.

In the photos, the girls can be seen doing the infamous dance called ‘Daggering’…rubbing their behinds on the boys’ genitals. Is anything really wrong with the photos or are they normal party scenes? More photos after the cut…

Source:Linda Ikeji Blog


  1. Anything which doesnt give glory to God is a big taboo and leads to eternal doom.

    they have eyes but cant see, ears but cant hear.

    End time armies of satan @work!

  2. O! Please… it’s not like they were nude or something. They were merely dancing.
    All these hypocritical remarks about doom, he’ll, damnation are uncalled for.
    If you are so high on spirituality, why read the contents of the site, read the Bible instead.

  3. We need to go to some site to correct ther wrong doing.i c notin wrong if a pastor go to this site.this is highly immoral. Shame to government of wonder the militants in Kenya are targeting places like this.socialization is not madness.they should just repent and avoid God’s own wrath on the last day.


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