SEE The 3 Reasons Why Labaran Maku Wants Immunity Clause Removed

Labaran Maku

Former Information Minister Labaran Maku, has called for the removal of immunity clause for elected executive officers from the Nigerian constitution. Maku, while fielding questions from newsmen in Wakama, Akun Development Area of Nassarawa state insisted that the clause that protects the president, governors and local government council chairmen from facing prosecution in breach of office should be removed. A few people are quite surprised at this, hence INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the reasons why Maku is on the side he is on this topic…

– According to him, the immunity clause had created an umbrella for some state governors to tamper with their state resources, thereby leading to underdevelopment at the grassroots.

– He feels no governor needs immunity and if it is removed, this will help to check fraud, corruption and mismanagement.

– He says the removal of the immunity clause would help tackle corruption and ensure good governance.

Do you agree???


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