Lassa Fever: Senate Rejects Motion On Free Distribution Of Rat Poison

rat killerAs the death toll from Lassa fever outbreak in some states of the federation rose to 41, the Senate yesterday voted against the free distribution of rat poison by the federal government to the citizenry as a way of curtailing the spread of the virus in the country.

Moving a motion on the spread of Lassa fever yesterday, Senator Olanrewaju Tejuoso (APC, Ogun central) suggested the free distribution of the rat poison, saying the level of poverty in the country would not allow the citizens to purchase rat killers on their own.

“The federal government should consider giving out rat killers free of charge to the citizenry to reduce or totally eradicate rats from our environment as the level of poverty in the land will not encourage the purchase of rat killers.

“More important products of survival are taking priority”, he said.

Senator Tejuoso noted that the disease is typically spread through aerosolized virus particles via either infected rodents or close contact with infected individuals.

He raised concern that the recent outbreaks of the disease in the country have been recorded in 10 states in the country.

When the motion was put to a voice vote by Senate President Bukola Saraki, majority of the senators voted against it.

They, however, called on the federal government and other stakeholders to carry out sensitization at markets, and other public places.


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