Kiss Daniel Talks About Being A Star, Says “I Really Miss Being An Ordinary Person”


Headies nominee, Kiss Daniel, 21, revealed in a recent interview that he misses being an ordinary person.

The ‘Laye’ singer rose very fast within the music industry thanks to two of the biggest hits from last year.

While Kiss Daniel appreciates the fame and success he sometimes wishes he is an ordinary person who moves around freely.

I really miss being an ordinary person because right now I cannot step out without a bouncer or security personnel because of stardom. We have different types of fans and even though most fans wish me well, things could get out of hand sometimes” Kiss Daniel told Punch.

Also I cannot think about taking public transport because if I do, someone could just take my picture and post it online claiming that I am broke. Now I have to avoid scandal but fame has not changed me” he further said.


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