Fans Call Actress Uche Ogbodo ‘Ugly’ On Instagram… SEE Her Angry Reply!!!


Veteran Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo got involved in a mild drama with her fans on Instagram.

Yesterday (January 3), she shared a selfie of her wearing a septum ring.

She captioned the picture “This young lady is grown up…I can see no evil, see ya later.

Uche Ogbodo
A certain user commented and called Uche Ogbodo ‘ugly’.
Uche Ogbodo didn’t take the insult well as she responded immediately.
Her reply did not stop the haters from coming for her with more insults.
Uche Ogbodo responded this morning with a new Instagram post.
Uche Ogbodo
At this Very Moment, i am King! And i will take my Crown to the Grave! Fuck your Opinion! An Ex taught me Never to Use the word #Fuck  but you know what? Fuck him too! I am too good for you too. My Dad told Me, not everyone will like me, Likers are gonna like, Haters are gonna hate! but Fuck you too Haters! i ve got my life to live. Done playing by your godforsaken rules. Abt now, We play it by Me or Fuck you too! Like i said #Goddess did it! it wasnt Uche  #PeopleFaketooMuchIJustWannaSleep #confidenceiskey #godmademe #sogofuckingnuts #iamanoriginal” she wrote today.


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