Escaped Prisoner Sets New World Record After Being On Run For Sixty Years


The world’s most elusive fugitive is still on the run after breaking out of jail 60 years ago. John Patrick Hannan used knotted bedsheets to scale the walls of Verne Prison , Portland, Dorset, in December 1955.

Hannan, who holds the world record for longest escape from custody, disappeared without a trace and would now be aged 81. The Irishman broke free just 30 days into his 21-month sentence for car theft and assaulting two police officers.

Dorset Police, who have officially given up looking for him, believe he returned to his native country soon after he vanished.

Their last high-profile appeal came in 1998 when they asked the crook to contact them.

While he may no longer be alive, his death has not been recorded so he is technically still a wanted man and is listed as missing on the police national computer.

The previous longest escape record of 45 years, 11 months, was held by double killer Leonard Friscoe from Nevada in the US.

Another famous fugitive, the late Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs, was on the run for 32 years before he finally gave himself up.

Source: Mirror online


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