Amazing Story! Man Takes Off His Shirt, Gives It To Clotheless, Homeless Shivering Old Man On NYC Subway | Photos + Video


This has got to be – so far – the best story of 2016. What an amazing guy. On a very cold Friday night, January. 8th, a man spotted a shirtless homeless man shivering on an NYC subway and did something most wouldn’t do…he gave the shirt off his back to the stranger. Fortunately, the heartwarming encounter was captured on video by another passenger, Lazaro Nolasco, who shared the video on his Facebook page. It now has nearly 11 million views.


In the clip which has been viewed by millions, the shirtless man was sitting alone on the Brooklyn-bound train, visibly shivering, when the Good Samaritan stepped forward and offered him the t-shirt he’d been wearing. He first extended the t-shirt to the man, then helped him put the t-shirt on. He also went to get a beanie and placed it on the man’s head.

Watch the heartwarming video below…

Source: LIB


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