9ice Issues Public Apology To Ruggedman: “To Err Is Human But To Forgive Is Divine”


Veteran Nigerian singer, 9ice who turned 36 days ago, recently defended his ex wife Toni Payne on Instagram, saying she didn’t cheat on him and also his song “Once Beaten Twice Shy” was never about her.

9ice went along to issue an apology to his friend, Ruggedman who was once accused for reportedly having an affair with his wife.

See an excerpts from 9ice’s interview with the Sun below: –

I’m talking in terms of peace and in terms of settling grudges. I’m talking about Ruggedman, I’m talking about Toni Payne and I’m talking about my saga with the press. Whatever has happened as from today I’m putting behind me and setting new standards; I’m living a new life.
I think what brought about the issue with the press is due to a song I released entitled, Once Beaten Twice Shy. That song came out at a time I was having marital problems. Some people picked up stuff in the song and said ‘okay, he must be talking about Ruggedman.’ And before you could say Jackie Robinson, it was everywhere! That was the only problem I had with Ruggedman. Let me state that Ruggedman and Tony Payne issue never arose; it was never an issue. I’m mature now. I have a family now. To err is human but to forgive is divine. I’m using this platform to apologise to my friend from another mother, Stephens Ugochukwu aka Ruggedman. And to the press I’m saying I’m very sorry, you guys should just forgive me. If I have offended you in anyway, I’m very sorry

You’re wearing a top from Ruggedman’s clothesline, it’s like you guys are really back together. Are you going to do a collabo soon?

“Most definitely by God’s grace.”

Can you give us an idea of what to expect?

(Laughter) I don’t have an idea. ‘E be like say na you wan write the song, Tony (more laughter).’ But definitely, most importantly and with all sincerity, there will be a song; a friendship song.”

Talking about Toni Payne, now that you guys have made up, are you getting back together?

“Getting back together depends on what you mean. Right now, she has forgiven me and I have forgiven her. She’s moving ahead and I’m moving ahead but we have a son to raise, and that’s the most important thing right now. Whether she will settle in my house is something I can’t tell for now; we can only wait and see


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