7 Easy Ways To Know A Nigerian Girl Loves Your Money Not You


Its OK for a girl to demand that her man takes care of her financial needs, however, that shouldn’t be the only reason she’s in the relationship. Sadly this is not the case these days. Most Nigerian girls simply want to turn their man into a personal ATM and as soon as it looks like the ATM can no longer dispense enough cash to satisfy their financial desires, they jump on the next machine. With this trend spreading like wide fire among Nigerian girls, a lot of Nigerian men are now very skeptical of every girl they meet. While some men are able to easily spot these type of women, others just can’t. So to help the other group who can’t, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 7 ways to spot a girl who only wants you because of your money..

Everybody likes to go to nice places and and get nice things, but if she suggests that you go to expensive restaurants all the time and doesn’t care where and how you get the money to finance the outing, well she only needs your money and not you.

If all she ever wants is for you to always buy her expensive presents at all occasions and you find out  that you are the one who is constantly shelling out money in the relationship for presents while she never ever reciprocates in her own little way, that should be your sign that she’s just using you.

When your relationship with her is one-sided. She expects you to do all the gift buying, pay for nice places and all other nice things that cost money, congratulations because you just found yourself a leech, whose clinch from your finance will require surgery.


When she quickly throws tantrum when things don’t go her way. For instance, when you refuse to buy something for her or give her more money. Then you know, she’s only with you for the money.






When she is interested in knowing about your career and financial status at the beginning not because she cares but because she only wants to know your occupation so she can discover your job title, measure your earnings’ potential and ensure that you have plenty of income to spend on her and support her lifestyle.



When the only story she has for you when you guys talk is that she needs money for one thing or another. The story only changes slightly everytime but the bottom-line is for you to give her money money money all the time, then she only needs you for the money.


She never calls to find out how you are doing and never asks how your day was. Instead, each time she calls, is when she wants money from you or she want you to do something for her that requires money and the next time she calls is when she needs money again from you.

And the same is true of some MEN who wants a woman for her money!!!



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