6 Things Only Unmarried Nigerian Girls In Their 30’s Would Understand


The importance accrued to marriage in an average Nigerian society is on thesame level with success; if you are successful but not married, you are never properly respected. All things being equal, most Nigerian girls want to settle down between the ages of 20 – 28. However, when the plan does not turn out as expected, it becomes a big problem. The unavailability of the right man or a willing man is usually what people in this category highlight as excuse. When this happens, pressure sets in for her especially when she reaches her mid 30’s and beyond. Below as gathered by INFORMATION NIGERIA are 5 things every Nigerian girl who is still unmarried aged 30 and above can absolutely relate to…

When you bump into your friend whom you went to school with, with her husband and her kids and it looks like she is winning the race.
If someone makes a harmless joke about an unmarried girl in her 30’s
When your younger sister comes home one day to give the big announcement that her boyfriend just proposed
When a young man addresses you as Madam or Mrs.
When you are the oldest person in your church’s youth department and they say the youth has a programme and everyone must participate.
When this post actually feels like a shade instead of a funny harmless post.
Seriously, married or not, do not let anything or anyone snatch your joy from you!!!


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