5 Unforgettable Things You Would Most Likely Witness In A Lagos Traffic

Living in Lagos state has several interesting things to offer, from the not-very-hygienic Agege bread, Ewa Aganyin, the noise, street fights to the terrible energy-draining traffic. Lagosians, whether they use public or private transportation have to deal with this horrible traffic daily. Ones you drive into Lagos and get stuck for hours inside the Mowe/Ibafo traffic, you definitely know you are in Lagos. You know you live in Lagos when you have to wake up before the cock crow and have to leave your house to make a morning appointment long before the sun wakes. Early morning appointments are always very dicey in Lagos. Its either you make the appointment very late of way too early; its super difficult to be right on time, all thanks to Lagos traffic. Because Lagos traffic is no respecter of persons and we all just have to learn to enjoy it instead of let it frustrate happiness out of us, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the 5 things anyone stuck in traffic will definitely see happen…

angry driver

– Abuses: This one is a common feature of driving in Lagos. Almost all Lagos drivers have mastered the art of cursing; it gets really worst in traffic. You cannot successfully navigate Lagos traffic and not find at least two scenes of driver (both private and commercial) hauling abuses at themselves. This makes for a good opportunity to ease off the traffic stress as you can sit and watch how creative Lagosians can get with abuses. After each scene, you would know that ‘Basketmouth dey learn’.


– Lagos drivers are always always right: No matter how badly a Lagosian drives, he is always right and the next man is always wrong. Even if he hits another driver from behind, it is never his fault. The interesting part for others stuck in the traffic are the reasons they give.


– Faster than Usain Bolt Gala and soft drinks hawkers: These people are are the reasons Lagosians don’t faint in traffic, thanks to how fast they can run. Some have argued that until World’s fastest man, Usain Bolt competes with these guys, he can’t well and truly be declared the fastest human being in the world. If you’ve been in Lagos traffic and you saw these guys let fly their very flat slippers while in pursuit of a moving vehicle, you would agree.


– Unregistered traffic controllers: Though they might not be directly affected by the traffic, these ones are just very sacrificial kind-hearted Lagosians who would stand up for hours for no pay, endure insults and disobedience just to ensure the traffic ease off as soon as possible. These people are the real MVPs. On the other hand, there are the selfish ones who are directly affected by the traffic and would only pass their vehicle, ones they succeed, they jump inside their vehicle and zoom off leaving the traffic worst off.


– Phone snatchers: These ones are not very interesting though. However, the feeling is better you watch them display from a distance of a couple of cars from yours. They always seem invisible until they snatch your phone from your hands while you keep yourself busy with it inside the stand still traffic.


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