“Stop Giving Offerings In Redeemed Churches If…..” – Pastor Adeboye


The annual congress of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) commenced yesterday at the Redemption Camp with General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye kicking it off with the sermon topic The Flood Of Love. This congress themed The Floodgates of Heaven has brought together hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life to the Camp. Speaking yesterday, Pastor Adeboye revealed why the church, which is one of the wealthiest in the world, still takes offerings. According to the highly-revered man of God,”Let me tell you the truth; the only reason we still take offerings is to get you out of poverty. From today if you’re not sure of your salvation don’t “ever” give when it’s time for offerings in RCCG. When you give offerings you’re sending money to heaven.”


Source: Facebook, Dawn to Dusk News


  1. This is brain washing or semantic. It is because the Church operates in the world that is why offerings are taken to enable the Church function well by taking care of those who serve in the Church without any other means of livelihoods. But today it has become business. Some Pastors are richer than some countries in the world. They are even buying private Jets for themselves and another for family members. Money is Caesar’s property and has nothing to do with Heaven. But there is blessing from God if you help the Church on earth financially to grow. So it is for individuals to decide. Show me a currency that carries the inscription of Jesus because no one has ever seen God.

  2. The issue of paying offering in a church is a light in fingerr and cusaata ,God dosent have anything to do with our money, no money is going to heaven but this earth, 97% this worlds pastor were not calling by God they are just decieved people, trumpet will soon sound, then jugement will come,

  3. the best investment in the worlds is churchs, jesus christ created best investment when he was alive the only bussines that can/t never collapse in the worlds is churchs,

  4. religion is ours proplems in this worlds, religions are deciving each other, one say there are christanity and two say there are muslim, people dont knows that both great prophet that God sent to this worlds are not muslim or christan, i mean ( JESUS AND MUHAMEDIAN) but both religion are criticize each other, jesus christ is not a christanity while prophet muhamed not a muslim, but people just dived religion by there self. God will soon interven.

  5. U have said it all Michaelod and rice. They translate the bible wrongly and create their own version. Churches have hospitals and universities yet most of their members who worked whole heartedly as work men while they were still building cannot afford the millions being paid for school fees or hospital bills. If u pray to God truly at a particular devoted time and u help the homeless, the sick and the hungry, u re more holy than some so called pastors.

  6. one thing u guys should reason out is that he state d necessity of giving . People have but choose to hold back money . But when u don’t have , God understands. There are other ways to praise Him like praises and worship. Secondly d money is used in d facilitation of God’s work on earth to win soul fr Him and it’s well said that there is rejoicing in heaven fr every soul saved. If u r complaining about d offering , what do u have to say about tithes?

  7. You guys at greennewsng are not ok. RCCG CONGRESS holds every December and I’m very sure we’re in November. Which means that story was not “yesterday ” but probably last year. SMH!!


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