SEE What Bayelsa And Kogi Elections Proved About Buhari’s Administrations


Nigerians expected a lot from the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration. These truck load of expectations explains why they voted for him massively in the last General elections which ushered in Buahri with the major opponent unable to question the results. The stakes are high, and if this government will do well, then his officials have to be up to the task. However, we have a reason or two to think, Buhari’s appointments haven’t been as top notch as expected – using the new INEC Chairman as a case point, see why Buhari’s appointments has not been the best:

1. Two inclusive elections in a couple of weeks does not speak well of Buhari’s decision to appoint Prof. Mahmud Yakubu, the new INEC Chairman.

2. Judging by the Bayelsa and Kogi elections, INEC under Buhari is not an improved version of GEJ’s; its looking like a rather stagnant or regressing INEC.

3. The change Nigerians voted for was to actually see things done differently in every sphere. With INEC under the leadership of the chairman Buhari appointed, things seem to have remained the same. The supposedly new look INEC is even making the same mistakes the previous made.


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