Nigerian Lady Raises Allegations Against Pastor Adeboye, Read Her Claims | Photos

A Nigerian, Bolanle Niyi sent a mail with some allegations leveled against the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. 


Bolanle, who claimed she is an ardent follower of the man of God, called the attention of the public to a certain publication which was sold exclusively in camp (according to her) during the just concluded annual congress tagged ‘Floodgates Of Heaven’. Read the mail below, as sent to Laila Ijeoma’s mailbox:

”My name is Bolanle Niyi.​​​​​​​​​​ I have attended the Holy Ghost Congress with Daddy G.O. of RCCG, Pastor Adeboye for several years now and would say that I have always left uplifted and encouraged in my faith in God and country. It was a great shock, therefore, when I read the newspapers sold exclusively during this year’s congress titled, FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN which included blatant lies about another man I also love and respect, Prophet T.B. Joshua. 

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There were different evangelical items being sold in the camp like stickers, wristbands, handkerchiefs, anointing oil, Daddy GO’s pictures, books and audio tapes to name a few. I bought a Christian newspaper titled “THE SHEPHERD” Vol 12 No 13 from an accredited vendor in the Redeemed camp, which had a headline story: PRAY FOR BUHARI NOT TO DIE IN POWER – T.B. JOSHUA WARNS. The article claims T.B. Joshua prophesied the death of Buhari in office, stating that he was not Nigeria’s messiah. The article added that T.B. Joshua predicted that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would take over and later be assassinated by an ex-military Head of State. 


Another article in the paper stated that Prophet T.B. Joshua recently held a crusade in Kaduna and addressed journalists at the airport concerning what God showed him about President Buhari. To make matters worse, another publication I had bought, titled “CHURCHMIND”, had an equally falsified story, titled “TB JOSHUA WARNS BUHARI – HANDLE BIAFRA ISSUES WITH CAUTION”. It claimed that the Prophet pleaded with Buhari to personally intervene in the Biafra issue.


These papers were sold inside the camp where government officials were present, such as Vice President Osinbajo, Lagos State Governor Ambode and Ondo State Governor Mimiko. For those who don’t believe me, I took pictures of the publications and have attached them.

I am SHOCKED that Redeemed Christian Church Of God could be used to sell such lies. As an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV, I know for a fact that T.B. Joshua NEVER said such. I mean, he has not been seen in his own church since before his crusade in Mexico in May and has not been seen in public since his visit to the President of Tanzania in October of this year. He certainly has not held any crusade in Kaduna or any other state in Nigeria for that matter and has never spoken publicly about Biafra. I know that all prophecies given by Prophet T.B. Joshua are shown on Emmanuel TV.


Since I left the congress, I have been asking myself what could possibly be the motive for writing, publishing and releasing such fabrications? Out of concern, I checked the major newspaper stands in Lagos and could not find these newspapers anywhere else. I went to Ojuelegba, Oshodi and Ikeja – nothing. Does this mean they were prepared solely for the Congress? I can only conclude that they willingly did this to try to stir up a crisis between TBJ and Buhari.

For how long will Nigerian pastors endorse division and spread falsehoods about fellow ministers of God? What kind of religion is this? Jesus is the Truth and commands us to speak truth to our neighbours. I am highly disappointed that such a respectable figure in Nigerian Christian society, Daddy G.O. can lower his standards to such a degree to allow this. Imagine what an impact we would have on the kingdom of darkness if we were one and dropped all of this jealousy, envy and resentment. Unfortunately, the Congress has left me more confused than before I attended.”

What do you make of this mail?

Meanwhile, the revered man of God was recently approached by the Ogun state commissioner of police, Abdulmajid Ali, to solicit spiritual help via prayer in fortifying the Police force. The cleric while speaking on the state of the nation recently also revealed why Nigeria has remained one amid the challenges confronting the country. He thanked God for his mercy over the country.

Source: Naij


  1. If this story of this obnoxious magazine is true, I am afraid whom what has become the church.I was at Synagogue last two months and Papa TB JOSHUA has not appeared in church public function for a very long time and did not hold any crusade in kaduna.Na wao! You people should leave Prophet Tb Joshua alone. Destroying his building and killing innocent people is not enough and now lies.Make God have mercy on all of you!

  2. this story can’t b true cos daddy Adeboye cannot crucify another man of God knowing fullly well that they are all working for the growth of Gods kingdom.some people are jst looking for ways to be popular,may God have mercy on us.the church of JESUS will continue to move forward whether d devil likes it or not.d revival fire wil continue to burn.may God bless his sons n daughters preaching d gospel of christ all over the world.JESUS4LIFE.

  3. Let’s speak truth when we see it. She took photos of the Newspaper. She never printed them herself, they were sold in the camp ground where thousands of Christain faithfuls where present. No one seemed to mind the blasphemy done to TBJ but she did mind and brought the matter out into the open. Please lets not crucify her coz i know some people actually view these revered Men of God as God himself. Never be scared to speak the truth.

  4. Is it a must that Daddy G. O should be aware of everything they are selling on d camp ground. D Daddy G. O i know will never be involved in all this ur allegations against him. Is too busy n old to know abt everything going on. Thanks.

    • @ bolanle, be careful wen talking abt men God. Redeem camp is a free zone area where people come in to sell different kind of items. Not G.o fault. Such things happen @ prayer city ( mfm). Ushers or task force always seize dose items….

  5. You can imagine! I was at the just concluded congress. I went to pray, receive blessing. Only rumour mongers read junk papers. I wld rather give to the poor than use my money to buy unregistered news. I have never seen these papers before. After congress, you went from Osodi, Ojuelegba, Ikeja to confirm junk? You don’t have a job!
    I am a business owner with about 30 staff and I tell you, I don’t see ALL that goes on when my back is turned.
    Let no man blame G. O any Nigerian minister , or pastor for other people’s foolishness
    I have never heard of these allegations abt TB Joshua, this post made me aware. And am sure many are like me here
    Let no man come to social media to try and use bad mouth to stir strife among brethren. It didn’t work on me!. Am disgusted that you blogger posted this to the world to read.
    Please look for true and authentic stories

    Philippians 4:8New International Version (NIV)
    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

  6. So what she is driving at, is that Baba Adeboye is responsible for the incriminating news. Why do we jump into conclusion at times without reasoning, I am sure this woman do not know what this may cause. The question is,if Pastor Adeboye should be the Overseer of RCCG,is he the Editor-in-Chief of the news paper,why should we, human beings , be like this. It’s quite unfair,trying to bring others down. Although, I in one way see a point in what this woman has raised, but looking at it,it shouldn’t be in this way. The fact is,Baba should have regulated the publications of things like this, but it should be taken to cognizance that this is a Worldwide man, who is always busy. Thanks

    • Thanks @tolujay. You just spoke my mind. Even if that paper is sold at the redemption camp, does it mean that Baba authorized the sale? That lady has a myopic thinking.

  7. These junks magazines were never approved by Pastor Adeboye or any Redeemed Pastor. The means of survival by the ‘lost’ and ‘gullible’ minds on the society had been hinged on “sell anything that can give us money”. Nobody censor anything that is sold on camp during programme like congress or convention or Holy Ghost services. During the congress too many so called sellers were selling expired bottled water to innocent people. Like wise other consumable items. The onus lies on individuals to choose what he or she wanted. Would I now say it was Pastor Adeboye that permitted those wicked sellers to sell expired water in camp? My answer is no! The population of people at the congress were too many for the security to monitor and mind you the boys that were selling the magazines were doing it u dear cover because if the security catch anyone of them they seize their goods for destruction.. I don’t buy the junk magazines neither do I read them. For the fact that you read them means you chose it and if you believe what they wrote without sieving, then it is your own cup of tea. This complainant should have gone to the office of the camp commandant to complain so that the church can take stiffer measures against them

    • I support u @Omolara and concerned, If truly dis lady respect Daddy G.O has she claim, immediately she notice dat she should have report such care to d camp official. I’m not a member of d RCCG but dis allegation abt Daddy G.O is too bad. Miss/Mrs Bolanle, hope u remember u are accusing an anointed man of God in public?

  8. Does the junks you fed yourself with emanated from the office of the G.O or RCCG ? Be focus and don’t get yourself distracted with the rubbish write ups that can only get the attention of gossipers and spectators and not true worshippers.

  9. I am sorry to say from the story of this lady that she might have a hand in this blackmail. Who knows if she was the brain behind the so call publications for taking her time to go round town looking for other copies of the publications. These are the kind of people called busy body. Can she tell us the number of people at the congress and how many articles people brought down to sell. I am not a member and neither am I one of the participants at the congress, but i want to say that this writer is just an on looker who is carried away by religious gathering without an encounter with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Please give your life to Jesus Christ and stick to a particular place and feed well. Stop being a rolling stone who is everywhere looking for what? One thing i know for sure is that the so call publications could not have emanated from RCCG. However, I want to advise members of the Church to let the Authority know about this. my dear lady Bolanle, pls stick to a particular congregation and look unto Christ for whatever your challenges are that made u run from place to place. I am a Foursquare Memeber, I read from articles of other men of God but you cant see me running from one Church program to another> My Church has enough good spiritual food for me. Get a place where you will be well fed and your life will not remain the same.

  10. I’m a regular member at d HGC and I tell u dis papers go around for people to buy. I was a victim once during d Bimbo Odukoya saga and I promised myself never to even look at dis papers once not to talk of buying them. If u have read any of them before u ll know it is specially prepared from the pit of hell to bring discord into the church of God. As matured Christians (if u really are one) u should be careful of the kind of junks u feed ur head and mind with. God help us

  11. The tin is Pa Adeboye did nt sit in his office to write up this crap, edit dem n den assign some of d congregation to sell it on his behalf, d tin Is dis woman is too frEe, dats u she cn even go to other vendors to confirm! Nigerians will do anytin to raise funds so lying in the headlines is wat dey r capable of doing. The question for diz woman is wu is, wu is she to question a prophet of God she had better mind her ways nt to incure d wrath of God.

  12. This woman called Bolanle Niyi is a satanic agent your type is easy to know so REPENT
    The word of God warns we should not be ignorance of the devil devices. These write up is one of such, your mission is a FAILED MISSION!

  13. Daddy G.O did not write those craps, nigerians can manipulate stories to raise funds most especially during christmas period. Was the stories from Rccg newspaper\magazines No! Watch what you read. You should’ve reported it to the security. It is well

  14. sis Ask God for mercy leave men of God alone the bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm
    don’t fight for God allow God to fight his Battle the bible says God know his own
    Go and work out your salvation with fear and trembling because u are not broken

  15. some yrs ago,G. O announced that nobody should patronice all papers being circulated in the camp premises that they are selling lies.As at that time,the security men confiscated all those papers wherever they were found.Bolanle you were not aware of these?May God of Adeboye forgives you.

  16. B4 u get disappointed on any man of God u hav to proof beyond reasonable doubt dat the allegations are true ok. U can’t just sit ur ass somewhere and post all manner of gabadge n think pple wil believe u moreover is very much possible u fabricate such junk story in other to cause confusion, so my dea sister be careful b4 d rot of God desend on u.

  17. don’t mind her. she said she left more confused. meaning she has been busy investigating d lifes of men of god. not really interested in d god of men. well i pray for her to encounter d holy spirit genuinely.

  18. Your claim that the magazines could only be found at Redeemed camp is just want to draw attention of the public to tarnish the image of that church.come with enough money to a program that will start from 22 December to 27 at port Harcourt camp of Redemption ministry ground you will get the papers you showed their pictures in your writh up.The papers can be found in many places they are having crusader.Redeemed christian church do not publish such articles like that

  19. more attack on bolanle plz…do we think before we post…but Pentecostals shouldn’t be at war…I dunno what to say but the lady has taken enough share in the abuse…we ain’t thinking straight here…when Nigerians think they always say WHA T IF…no one ever did that…none of us where in the pub. room…lemme be loud…IN NIGERIA EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE… don’t misquote me…I don’t even think am typing straight…G O D B L E S S N I G E R I A…Amen

  20. Cause those trash was sold in camp ground does not mean it was written by daddy G.O pple might jxt fudge it 2 earn money. Watch ur tongue!!!. Nd watever u post pls.

  21. the fact is that most of us jump at conclusion without a careful analysis of facts about an issue The young woman has just reported what must have been the problem of most people attending the annual convention. Maturity demands that the organizers of this program goes into finding ways of checking this fraudsters. Instead we go on using idle words against fellow Christians.supposing she is daughter, sister, what will be your reaction? To me she is confused and needed to be put right, it,s better to do the right thing at the right time thanks.


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