Nigeria Has Been Witnessing Positive Change Since Buhari Won – Oshiomole


Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole, yesterday, said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under President Goodluck Jonathan squandered the resources of the country.

However, he pointed out that things have changed positively since the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari, although it will take time “to clean up the mess of the past”.

“For the first time, big people are being asked to account, in the past we only hear of governors, local government people, commissioners but this time we are seeing Minister of Finance confessing like a witch craft how they took money and even co-opt their children so they didn’t just share money for the party they shared for their families. When a Minister pays money into her own personal account, we have seen national security being redefined to meet the security of a political party to secure the party in office rather than secure the nation even in the face of a devastating insurgency,” Oshiomhole stated while receiving over 5,000 members of the PDP in the three senatorial districts of Edo including the immediate past Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Power, Patrick Ikhariale; Abbas Braimah; and Bisi Idaomi.

The decampees were received into the party by Oshiomhole, assisted by some governorship aspirants of the APC, such as former Governor Osarhiemen Osunbor and Gen.Charles Airhiavbere.


  1. What positive change is this clown talking about? Things are actually getting worse since Buhari rigged himself into office. Oshiom-ole should be reminded that blowing vuvuzela about corruption on a daily basis isn’t enough to hoodwink the discerning.

  2. Whatever happened to the IMF loan granted Oshiomole.
    I don’t envy his successor bcus he will have a lot to contend with. Woe betide him if APC loses Edo state. All his evil deeds will be exposed.

    • The IMF loan has already been used to feather his retirement nest where he and the bimbo from Zanzibar will live sadly ever after.


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