Massachusetts Zoo Selling Artwork Painted By Animals


A Massachusetts zoo is harnessing the creative power of its animals by auctioning off original pieces of art that they produced.

Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford Mass. is auctioning off a number of art pieces that were painted by the zoo’s various animals. The proceeds from the event known as “Art Gone Wild” will benefit the park’s educational programs. A video posted to Facebook shows the zoo’s Harbor Seal, Blue, painting one of its pieces and describes the process by which the works were created.

“One of the key components of this program is the strong bond the animals have with their zoo keepers,” the post read. “These enhanced training skills allows zoo keepers to paint with various zoo species in a reward based process.”

The auction features 50 pieces of one-of-a-kind artwork painted by animals using brushes or their own paws. The auction is set to end on Dec. 15.




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