Man Who Steals Women Underwear And Returns Them After Ejaculating Inside Arrested


Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a 54-year-man who has admitted to stealing women’s underwear and soiling the garments prior to returning them to their victims, reports the Sankei Shimbun(Dec. 25).

In April and May, the suspect is alleged to have stolen five items, including a brassiere, from the balcony of a woman in her 20s in Higashiosaka City. Later in May, he tossed the items back onto her balcony after ejaculating inside. A used condom was found wedged inside a bra.

The suspect, who resides in Kashiwara City, has been charged with theft and trespassing. “It was to satisfy my sexual desire,” the suspect is quoted by police in admitting to the allegations. “I did it on more than 100 occasions.”

Officers from the Fuse Police Station identified the suspect via security camera footage. The suspect also told police that he returned some of the soiled items to the victims through their postal mail boxes.

Tokyo Reporter.


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