Man Jailed For 28 Years After ‘Woman Dreamt He Raped Her’ To Gain Freedom

A Colorado man who spent almost three decades in prison after a woman ‘dreamed’ that he raped her may soon go free. Denver District Court Judge Kandace Gerdes overturned Clarence Moses-El’s 1988 conviction, after he has served more than half of his 48-year sentence.
The rape victim, a neighbour of Mr Moses-El’s, initially identified someone else as her attacker but later changed direction after his face allegedly came to her in a dream, while she was in hospital just a day after the cut.
His break came in December 2013 when another man, L.C. Jackson, sent him a letter in prison saying he couldn’t believe Moses-EL was accused of raping the woman because he ‘had sex’ with her at the same time that night.
Blood stains on evidence collected from the scene of the crime were re-tested last year and the results show that it actually belonged to another man who was subsequently identified by the victim as the assailant.  Judge Gerdes has ordered a retrial for Mr Moses.


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