Lady Attends Public Event Barely Covering Her Bosom!!! [Photos]

She left home like this; her boyfriend or hubby or dad couldn’t caution her? I don’t get! See full pic…

Her name is Moesha Boduong, she is a Ghanaian actress.




Source: Olufamous


  1. what s d difference btwn her nd nigerian actress all has jezebel spirit controllg dere life, nigerian s even d worst, dey shld all wait 4 d rapture day, am sure GOD wil nt want any demolic style to com nd corrupt his kingdom, well evil spirit rule d world as of tday

  2. A decent woman is like a wrapped candy – you must first unwrap it before you behold its beauty, savour its taste and smell its aroma. The decant woman bares it all – dusty, stale and smells like trash…


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